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Department of Maryland Transit Administration
Paul J. Wiedefeld, MTA Administrator
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MARC Ticket Options
(Last Updated 1/2009)

Tickets purchased for travel in February and thereafter that involves a destination to or from a West Virginia stops (Martinsburg, Duffields, and Harpers Ferry) will be assessed a surcharge as follows: An additional $2.00 for a one-way ticket ($1.00 Sr. /Dis.), $20.00 for a weekly ticket, and $80.00 for a monthly ticket ($40.00 Sr. /Dis.) The charges are in addition to the fares listed in the MARC fare or conversion charts.  Note: Surcharge fares are not discounted for passengers using the Student Advantage card for West Virginia travel.


One-way Tickets

Good for one trip in either direction.  This ticket is non-refundable and is good for six months. Not valid for travel on Amtrak.

 Weekly Tickets
Good for unlimited use beginning on Saturday of designated week until midnight of the following Friday. Monthly and weekly ticket holders receive additional privileges.  See MARC Ticketing Policies for more information.

Monthly Tickets

Good for unlimited use during the calendar month for which the ticket is valid.  Monthly and weekly ticket holders receive additional privileges.  See MARC Ticketing Policies for more information.


Transit Link Card (TLC)

For $80 more than the cost of your MARC monthly ticket, you can purchase a MARC Transit Link Card (TLC) and have unlimited monthly use of the Metrorail and Metrobus system, including weekends.


MARC TLC tickets may be purchased from either on-line or by mail from Commuter Direct at www.commuterdirect.com.


If your MARC TLC ticket becomes demagnetized, you may obtain a substitute pass from ticket offices at Metro Center or the Pentagon Metro sales office.  For information call Metro Center at 202-636-3425 or Pentagon at 202-635-6737 


Like all MARC tickets, lost, stolen or damaged TLC passes will not be refunded or replaced by the MTA.



Groups between 10 and 25 passengers qualify for a group rate.  Groups must call the MARC Group Sales Desk at 410-454-7010 between the hours of 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM, Monday through Friday at least two weeks prior to the date of travel.  Group tickets are not issued at MARC or Amtrak ticket locations without confirmation through the MARC Group Sales Desk.  Group travel may be excluded from rush hour trains due to limited seating capacity.