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Department of Maryland Transit Administration
Paul J. Wiedefeld, MTA Administrator
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Telephone Directory

Contact Phone
Bike Locker Reservations 410-767-3440
Bus, Metro, Light Rail and MARC Information 410-539-5000
Bus, Metro, Light Rail and MARC Information (Toll-Free)

1-866-RIDE-MTA                           (743-3682) 

Reduced Fare Certification for seniors and people with disabilities 410-767-3441
Mobility  Certification 410-547-2100
College Pass Program 410-767-8755
Comments, Complaints, and Commendations 410-333-2354
Commuter Choice Maryland Benefits Program 410-767-8755
Connect-A-Ride 1-800-270-9553
Credit Card Telephone Pass Sales (Toll-Free) 1-877-271-0117
Credit Card Telephone Pass Sales 410-454-7039
Directory Assistance-MTA 410-454-7222
Directory Assistance-MTA (Toll-Free) 1-888-218-2267
Employment Information 410-767-3860
Howard Transit 1-800-270-9553
Lost and Found (Bus) (Eastern Division) 410-454-7677
Lost and Found (Bus) (Kirk Division) 410-454-7560
Lost and Found (Bus) (Northwest Division) 410-454-7428
Lost and Found (Bus)(Bush Division) 410-454-7160
Lost and Found (Light Rail) 410-454-7628
Lost and Found (Metro) 410-454-7398
MARC Train Information Agent (Baltimore)

1-800-325-RAIL (7245)

MARC Train CommuterDirect 1-703-228-7433
MARC Train Frederick Station (Greyhound) 301-682-9716
MARC Train Ticket by Mail (Florida) 1-888-226-5515
MARC Train Information (Toll Free within Maryland) 1-800-543-9809
MARC Train Lost and Found - Camden Line 410-354-1093
MARC Train Lost and Found-Brunswick Line 301-834-6380
MARC Train Lost and Found-Penn Line 410-291-4267
MARC Train Lost and Found-Union Station 202-906-3109
Meet-the-MARC Train Shuttle Bus (Frederick County Transit) 301-694-2065
Metrorail & Metrobus-DC Area 202-637-7000
MTA Operator Directory Assistance 1-888-218-2267
MTA Police 410-454-7740
MTA Police Department 410-454-7740
Paratransit Service 410-727-3535
Paratransit Service (Toll Free) 1-800-487-9218
Ride-On (Montgomery County) 240-777-7433
Senior & Disability Certification Office 410-767-3441
Statewide Ridesharing Program 410-859-POOL (7665)
Statewide Ridesharing Program (Toll Free) 1-800-492-3757
Transit Advertising 410-767-8755
Transit Insurance Group 410-454-7310
TTY for Reduced Fare Certification Office 410-333-2051
TTY for Mobility/ Paratransit Service 410-333-3624
TTY for people who are hearing/speech impaired 410-539-3497