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Paul J. Wiedefeld, MTA Administrator
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General Information


Commuter Bus is 100% contracted transportation serving both Baltimore and Washington, DC bound commuters from outlying counties. Commuter Bus operates primarily to peak travel destinations and during peak travel times on weekdays only. Currently there are 18 routes that operate under ten multi-years contracts.
Baltimore bound trips consume only 15% of Commuter Bus resources while the remaining 85% is concentrated towards Washington, DC. The four service providers under contract are Dillon Bus Service, Eyre Bus Service, Keller Transportation, and Veolia Transportation.
As part of the MTA bus service, the Commuter Bus Program provides express transit service (at a premium price) within the Baltimore metropolitan region. These long-haul routes connect suburban residential areas, Downtown Baltimore, and suburban employment centers. Commuters are able to access these express lines via a number of Park & Ride lots located throughout the region. Five commuter routes operate in the Baltimore region making 42 daily trips.
The MTA provides thirteen privately contracted Commuter Bus routes that offer long-haul service from points throughout Maryland and Washington, DC and its inner-ring suburbs. Buses make 371 daily trips.
Fares on Commuter Bus are based on zones. Senior/Disability, Monthly, 10-trip, and Transit Link discounts are available. Only one-way cash rides and 10-trip tickets are sold on the coaches and the drivers will accept unused (WMATA) SmartBenefits Vouchers and (MTA) Commuter Choice Maryland vouchers for payment. Monthly passes and Transit Link Cards (TLC) are sold through the Internet or by mail from the MTA Revenue Control Office.
Only folding or collapsible bicycles are permitted on coaches that have baggage areas underneath the buses.
In the interest of public safety, cleanliness, and comfort, please be advised of the following MTA policies on any MTA vehicle (Bus or Train), station or transit facility:
  • Proper attire (shoes, shirts, etc.) must be worn at all times.
  • No eating food or drinking beverages of any type.
  • Headphone must be worn when playing sound producing devices (e.g. radios, CD & MP3 players, speaker cellular phones, etc.).
  • Behavior that is considered to be dangerous, disruptive, obscene, threatening, violent, inciting or insulting including inappropriate language and gestures is not allowed.
  • Never delay, stop, or prevent the operation of a transit vehicle.